Karachi chapter managed healthy Participation at 27th HVACR Expo

Exclusive conversation with Mr Zeeshan Ahmed Siddiqui Chairman Karachi Chapter

The 27th Pakistan HVACR expo has finally been announced after a gap of 2 and a half years and there is visible anticipation among all stake holders. The Expo is being held on 9-10-11 June 2022 at Lahore International Expo Centre. The expo has been made successful by the consistent efforts of Pakistan HVACR society especially Lahore chapter previous Chairman Mr. Aamir and current Chairman Mr. Ahmad as well as LC & Organizing Committee. But other chapters of the society also played a crucial part as a support to make the Lahore Expo – 2022 successful.

Being the Chapter chairman of the largest industrial city of Pakistan Mr. Zeeshan Ahmed Siddiqui plays a pivotal role in engaging the industries for the HVACR Expo. During a recent conversation with Engineering Post he said “Karachi chapter tries to support being part of PHVACR Society to the fullest in engaging and informing the relevant stake holders about the HVACR Expo. We are expecting a healthy participation of businessmen, industrialists, architects, consultants, end users, contractors, engineers, media, students in the expo from Karachi,” he said.

While discussing the overall trends in the HVACR industry in Pakistan he explained that with the passage of time more and more emphasis is being paid towards energy conservation and usage of clean energy as it is directly related to global warming and environmental deterioration. “Around 35 to 40 percent of energy consumption of a commercial building is owed to the heating, air conditioning and ventilation system. Events like the HVACR expo work towards educating the people about optimizing the consumption of energy as well as providing the latest most energy efficient solutions to the new potential consumers. This in the end is beneficial for all the stakeholders,” he added.

While commenting on the importance of the expo for the business community he said that with the passage of time people are realizing the significance of proper marketing for increasing sales and generating business and this expo will provide the perfect platform for both sellers and buyers. “The PHVACR Expo is the perfect platform where different companies both locally and internationally can display their products. Pakistan is developing market and many suppliers are interested to participate and display their innovations for the betterment of people and Pakistan.

During the conversation he appreciated the work of Lahore Chapter and its Chairman Mr Ahmad Naeem Chughtai for organizing such a mega event in Lahore “People have been waiting for this event for the past 3 years. Organizing and managing such a mega event has been a constant uphill battle for Lahore chapter but they have done a fantastic job and made it seem effortless,” he said.

The Karachi chapter of the Pakistan HVACR society has worked towards generating awareness regarding the Airconditioning, Heating and Refrigeration industries in the country. In this regard the Karachi Chapter of HVACR society has arranged numerous presentations and workshops for professionals as well as students “We are aiming to share the knowledge for the betterment of students, skill labor and professionals that PHVACR does not only entail generating cool air rather it is a complete field of study and implementation. Besides, arranging presentations and workshops we have also signed MoUs with engineering university. The important message is to all stake holders come forward, work together and participate in any shape to take PHVACR Society at next level specially media like Engineering Post, News Papers, Social Media etc are one of the best forums to spread out the knowledge and highlight the activities,” he explained.