JUBILEE CORPORATION & FINDER – Collaborative Workings

Based in Italy, Finder is the leading global player for manufacturing electromechanical and electronic products for industrial automation, energy management, residential and commercial installations.

Founded in 1954, Finder is the pioneering brand of modern step relays and has the widest range of quality certifications of any relay manufacturer in the world.

Finder’s emphasis on quality, innovation, and state-of-the-art manufacturing has led to its global success with a massive network comprising 27 subsidiaries around the world. All its production is subjected to strict daily controls that ensure Finder keeps improving all of its processes and bring innovations to the global market.

Jubilee Corporation (JC) has been the Authorized Distributor of Finder’s products in Pakistan since 1988. Over the years, together JC and Finder have served the country’s industrial and commercial sectors with Finder’s various products lines. Because of its product quality, Finder has earned the trust of industrial clients, consultants and switchgear manufacturers all over Pakistan.

JC has been supplying Finder’s comprehensive range of multi-purpose relays, time switches and control switches for various control and automation applications in the industries. Another product category includes the ultra-compact PIR Movement detectors to turn lights on and off on detecting human presence, hence contributing to energy saving in virtually all industrial, residential and commercial applications.

JC is known for providing customers with top quality products from world renowned brands, craft technical solutions and relentlessly support customers in both pre-sales and after-sales activities.

Being the leading importer and stockist of switchgear, automation, instrumentation & control components in Pakistan, JC is aims to satisfy all its stakeholders, and community at large.