Jubilee Corporation

JUBILEE CORPORATION and SMC- Making a remarkable contribution in the field of Pneumatics in Pakistan

The development of sophisticated automation in the industrial world over the past few decades also sparked an exponential growth in the use of pneumatic components in the industries. Pneumatic components are no longer only a mainstay of automotive, electronics, and machinery industries; they are now being used in a growing number of other industrial fields as well.

SMC Japan, founded in 1959, is the global technology leader for its contribution in the evolution of pneumatic industry. The company’s growth from the basics pneumatics to the more sophisticated automation solutions, has granted SMC a global market share of 30%, and a 65% in the Japanese market. SMC has established a wide spread global network of locations in all major countries of the America, Europe and Asia, showing their active commitments to the world market.
In Pakistan, Jubilee Corporation has been SMC authorized distributor, for last 40 years.

Together, Jubilee Corporation and SMC are working with a wide array of industries in virtually all sectors in Pakistan, including automobile, food and beverages, sugar, packaging, home appliances, textile, cement and Pharmaceuticals.

Jubilee Corporation (JC) provides SMC’s complete lineup of pneumatic control systems including air preparation equipments, solenoid valves, air cylinders, rotary actuators, air grippers, boosters, pneumatic pipes, fittings, flowmeters, pressure switches, electro-pneumatic regulators and energy saving systems.

JC’s team specializes in Energy Saving for Pneumatics and works hand-in-hand with technical personnel in the industries to provide customized solutions for compressed air, aimed at achieving maximum energy saving.

The evaluation of Energy Saving process involves monitoring of current energy consumption, find leakages and work on improvement opportunities. Once the system is thoroughly checked from top to bottom, the energy saving experts provide a comprehensive evaluation for the whole compressed air system. This includes analysis of the existing compressed air system, share measurements, findings, improvement proposals, expected savings and system maintenance recommendations.

Jubilee Corporation is the leading importer and stockist of Switchgear, Automation, Instrumentation and Control components, working in several areas of Electrical, Electronics and Automation technology products in Pakistan. JC is the leading supplier of switchgear components to various shopping malls, skyscrapers, housing/residential projects, commercial projects, and industrial sector including various textile, chemical, food, packaging, pharmaceuticals and cement industries in Pakistan. The company focuses on serving all its stakeholders and community at large.