IMS taking measures for Customer-Centric Excellence

A conversation with Mr. Hassan Murtaza, Key Account Manager at IMS

Hassan Murtaza, the adept Key Account Manager at IMS Electric, is at the helm of an enterprise that encompasses a wide spectrum of industries, from Power Generation to Building Management Systems, Security Surveillance, and Fire and Safety Systems. As an autonomous entity under the umbrella of HAQ HOLDINGS, their strategic acquisition of Schneider Electric’s manufacturing facility in Karachi exemplifies their commitment to bolstering local production.
Murtaza’s journey in the industry commenced in 2013 at a solar company. Following stints in a UPS & alternate energy company, he joined IMS Group in 2015, initially in the fire & safety division then excel his services in the BMS & Power Plant department, before transitioning to the switchgear division. Now, he bridges both these domains, serving as a vital link in handling inquiries and fostering inter-departmental synergy.
“In IMS, hands-on experience for clients is a priority, providing a one-window solution for customers,” Murtaza emphasized. This commitment to customer-centricity is mirrored in the company’s implementation of state-of-the-art ERP and continuous enhancements of web user experience, along with an amplified presence on social media. These efforts underscore IMS Electric’s unwavering dedication to customer accessibility and satisfaction.
Local manufacturing stands at the forefront of IMS Electric’s innovative approach, a strategic move to enhance their product offerings. “We’ve state of the art manufacturing capabilities for key components like LV, MV switchgears and Busbars, with ambitious plans for in-country production. Our aim is to introduce the latest technologies in Pakistan, guided by our industry-leading partners, to better serve the market,” Murtaza emphasized.
A significant milestone in their endeavour is the successful integration of variable air volume (VAV) boxes, a critical component in HVAC systems. These VAV boxes play a pivotal role in controlling airflow, showcasing IMS Group dedication to revolutionizing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning solutions. “The VAV Boxes are being made in Pakistan and have been approved by consultants for numerous projects. Consultants have played a pivotal role in testing and educating IMS about these crucial components, illustrating the collaborative nature of our industry,” Murtaza emphasized.
In a market characterized by sluggish demand, IMS Electric’s resilience is rooted in its portfolio of unique offerings, setting them apart from competitors. “We are providing quality standard products not offered by any local company,” he explained. Murtaza sheds light on the strategic alliance with the international leading manufacturers for grid systems, underlining the advantages that fortify IMS Electric’s standing in challenging market conditions. “Advantages of IMS for survival in these conditions is only due to the vast range of product range. We offer a complete package solution to the customer. We are one of the leading one stop solution providers from Power generation to grid system, Distribution & control systems. As a manufacturing concern, we import hundreds of items to complete the Product and it halts the production when we have difficulties to get all the material within the stipulated timelines; Those components are also essential for our work,” Murtaza explained.
With Hassan Murtaza’s astute leadership skill, IMS Electric surges ahead, poised to revolutionize Pakistan’s technological landscape. His dynamic approach, marked by a focus on local manufacturing, customer-centricity, and innovative solutions, embodies the company’s unwavering commitment to excellence. As IMS Electric continues to thrive in an ever-evolving market, Murtaza’s role in the success of the company remains instrumental in propelling it to new heights.