TrafoLink: Pioneering Excellence in Transformer Manufacturing

CEO, TrafoLink, Mr. Abdul Rauf Khokhar talks to Engineering Post

TrafoLink (Pvt) Ltd is one of the leading transformer manufacturers in Pakistan. With satisfied clients locally as well as internationally the company has gained a reputation for providing unmatched reliability and high quality products. Recently Engineering Post had a detailed conversation with Abdul Rauf Khokhar, the visionary CEO of TrafoLink (Pvt) Ltd.
Abdul Rauf Khokhar, the visionary CEO of TrafoLink (Pvt) Ltd., is a true embodiment of the adage “experience is the best teacher.” With his father, Abdul Ghafoor Khokhar, having a rich background in the esteemed companies of Pakistan, Abdul Rauf inherited a wealth of knowledge that would eventually pave the way for his own entrepreneurial journey. In 2002, armed with determination and a dream, he established a modest unit on a rental property which is now one of the leading transformer manufacturers in the country.
The journey began in a rental space, with the primary focus on repairs. However, Abdul Rauf ‘s ambitions knew no bounds. The natural progression towards manufacturing was inevitable. “My aim is to tackle the most challenging projects, always pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve,” he emphasizes, reflecting a spirit of unyielding determination. TrafoLink’s inaugural batch of transformers found their home at Gadoon textile mill. After that it was game on. “Four transformers were supplied 20 years ago, still operational and in excellent condition,” Abdul Rauf beams, a testament to the enduring quality of their craftsmanship. Offering a five-year warranty sets them apart in an industry where competitors typically offer only one to two years of coverage
TrafoLink has a wide range of customers in all industries ranging from textiles, sugar, chemicals, steel, paper, to ghee, flour, and rice mills. Remarkably, the company boasts an impeccable track record, having never received a single complaint about its transformers. This feat speaks volumes about the unwavering commitment to quality that Abdul Rauf and his team uphold. One area where TrafoLink stands unrivalled is in the repair of dry-type transformers in Pakistan. “Many have tried, but we’re the only ones who have consistently succeeded,” Abdul Rauf declares, showcasing the company’s distinctive expertise.
Quality control is a non-negotiable priority for TrafoLink. “Our manufacturing process is transparent. Customers can witness the meticulous crafting of their transformers, ensuring absolute confidence in the final product,” Abdul Rauf asserts. The company’s proficiency extends beyond standard offerings; they excel in customizing transformers to meet specific client requirements. “Our specialty lies in crafting transformers that are not just reliable, but surpass industry standards. We spare no expense in sourcing the highest quality components, and our in-house testing regimen is rigorous to ensure any defects are unearthed during production,” Abdul Rauf affirms, underlining the uncompromising dedication to excellence.
The company’s manufacturing and repair capabilities span from 750KVA to 10MVA, with transformers rated from 380VA to 66kVA, including 20kVA, 15kVA, and 11kVA variants. Furthermore, TrafoLink has expanded its footprint beyond borders, exporting to diverse African nations such as Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Mali.
Exciting times lie ahead, as TrafoLink sets its sights on the switchgear industry. “We’re poised for a new chapter of growth and innovation by entering the switchgear industry,” said Abdul Rauf during the interview, a clear signal of the company’s unwavering commitment to continuous evolution and excellence. Under his visionary leadership, TrafoLink is not only a transformer manufacturer but a force of transformation in the industry.