Amid chaos, IEEEP Fair shines as a beacon of optimism

A candid conversation with Engr. Khalid Pervez, Chairman IEEEP Karachi Centre

The IEEEP Fair is bound to be this year’s highlight for the engineering industry. IEEEP Fair provides a great opportunity for manufacturers, suppliers, and system integrators to showcase their latest products and services to consultants, procurement professionals from public and private sectors organizations, end-users, contractors, engineers from utilities, academia, etc. Engr. Khalid Pervez, Chairman IEEEP Karachi Centre, exudes anticipation as preparations for the much-awaited IEEEP Fair 2023 surge ahead. In the face of challenging market conditions, reminiscent of the previous year, the dedicated efforts and the impetus garnered from past successes continue to drive the event’s progress. With nearly two decades of rich history, the IEEEP Fair has metamorphosed into a highly professional affair, particularly since joining hands with Badar Expo Solutions. The emphasis is steadfastly placed on the quality of participants rather than sheer footfall, ensuring discerning and engaged visitors and participants.
During a recent exclusive conversation with Engineering Post Engr. Khalid Pervez affirmed, “The IEEEP Fair has been a beacon of industry excellence for 18-19 years now. Success begets success, and our commitment has been unwavering.” This steadfast commitment is underscored by the profound impact that the event has had over the years, earning it acclaim from both industry insiders and participants.
Technical sessions, spanning two days, promise to be a highlight of the fair. Every aspect, from panellists to topics, has been meticulously curated to provide attendees with insights that transcend the ordinary. Engr. Khalid Pervez notes, “The technical sessions are a crucial component. We’ve taken great care in selecting panellists and topics to ensure that participants gain the most valuable knowledge.”
To further boost participation, a series of targeted campaigns have been launched, backed by a robust social media presence. Additionally, eye-catching hoarding boards are poised to draw attention, complementing an extensive marketing campaign. As Engr. Khalid Pervez puts it, “We’ve pulled out all the stops to ensure that the fair reaches as many relevant participants as possible. In addition to conventional marketing methods we are heavily relying on social media as a tool for marketing for the IEEEP Fair.”
The IEEEP Fair provides a unique experience for the exhibitors and participants. The benefits for participants are manifold. They stand to gain profound insights into the latest market innovations, witness first-hand product enhancements driven by manufacturers, and explore new features that are shaping industries. This platform is not only a boon for consultants seeking to stay abreast of industry trends but also for end-users looking for cutting-edge solutions. Engr. Khalid Pervez said, “The fair serves as an invaluable forum for knowledge exchange and business growth. It’s a win-win for both exhibitors and end users.”
Networking, an indispensable facet of any industry event, is poised to take centre stage. Engr. Khalid Pervez emphasizes, “In an era where connections are key, the fair serves as a vital networking hub. It’s where professionals can forge meaningful relationships that can pave the way for future collaborations and advancements.”
As preparations reach a fever pitch, Engr. Khalid Pervez encapsulates the essence of IEEEP Fair 2023, “In challenging times, innovation and collaboration are our guiding lights. The fair is a testament to our resilience and commitment to propelling industries forward.” With such dedication and foresight, the IEEEP Fair 2023 promises to be a beacon of progress and prosperity in the face of adversity. “I would like to emphasise that an event of this scale requires huge preparations and homework, which’s simply not possible without a dedicated team.