Implementation of CASA Transmission Project

Engineering Post Report

An allocation of Rs 3000 million has been provided in the Public Sector Development Programme (PDSP)  of the Federal Government for continued implementation of the Central Asia South (CASA) Transmission Project aiming at regional power connectivity during financial year 2020-21.

The transmission capacity will be enhanced by 4445 MVA on +660 KV network up to June 2021.

Further , about 94 kilometers  and 880 kms transmission lines will also be constructed on 500 KV and +660 KV respectively up to June 2021.

Achievements up to June 2020, according to the official sources, included Transmission Capacity (MVA)  23400 on 500 KV and  31240 on 220 KV with length of transmission line reaching 7273 kilometers and 10981 kilometers respectively.

As already reported,  significant progress has been made  on the CASA Transmission Project  envisaging  laying of 1200  km  transmission  lines for  import of  1300 MW from Hydel power  generation from  Tajikistan  and Kyrgyz Republic through Afghanistan to Pakistan. Land possession has already taken place and security clearance at site was reported to be in progress.