Huge investments announced to increase the power transmission capacity

The federal Minister of energy of Pakistan, Hammad Azhar, made a public statement and declared that a total of 111 billion rupees is to be put forward as an investment in the power transmission system.

He stated that the total capacity of the Pakistan power transmission system is not more than 23000 MW right now. But the goal of this investment is to increase the capacity of the system to 32000 MW. This initiative will increase the overall capacity of the grid system at a major scale.

These investments are supposed to be made through the National Transmission and Dispatch Company NTDC within the upcoming 3 years and the goal is said to be achieved by the end of the year 2024. The transmission capacity of the grid would increase to 28750 MW by 2023.

The total capacity of the system in 2018 was only 20811 MW. The rise of this capacity has proven to be really beneficial in the control of load shedding as well as played a major role in the opening of investment and employment opportunities all over the country. This initiative will help overcome the energy crisis that Pakistan is facing to a major extent and help increase the quality of the countrywide transmission system.