BARD to offer scholarships for needy students at NUST

A new student empowering channel named as Descon Endowment Fund being funded by Bilquis and Abdul Razak Dawood (BARD) Foundation has been recently introduced at National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST). As Educational empowerment is one of the few opportunities that student struggle to get in Pakistan, the BARD Foundation aims to bring a positive change for the youth of the country. This opportuntity will work as a caylst to empower young, talented individuals through financial support and  backup. In the past, many deserving students have had to let go of life changing opportunities due to the unavailability of scholarships and funding programs. The gap and disparity have been one of the major setbacks in higher education for Pakistani students.  Providing funding for NUST students, BARD aims to equip aspiring engineers and future inventors with the finest education so that they take Pakistan one step closer to prosperity.