CPEC Projects bringing prosperity

As CPEC has entered in the third phase, a seminar was organized with the collaboration of National Assembly Secretariat, Punjab Board of Investment, Planning and Development Board and Friedrish Ebert Stiftung Pakistan. The magnificant cermony was joined by the by Acting Council General China, provincial ministers, members of parliament and investors from both countries. Chairman National Assembly Parliamentary Committee for China Pakistan Economic Corridor Sher Ali Arbab called for increasing the pace of work on CPEC as its completion on time is in the interest of both nations. Since, Punjab is the largest province of Pakistan having great investment opportunities and cooperation, the enhanced exploring for more investment will work as a game-changer for Pakistan. Finance Minister Makhdom Hashim Jawan Bakht enclosed his words about the special economic zones in Allama Iqbal Industrial City Faisalabad being established with Chinese investment under CPEC that will provide best opportunities for investments to both locals and foreigners. Chinese Ambassador in Pakistan Nong Rong spoke about numerous infrastructure projects that had been completed under CPEC in Punjab relating to industries, transport and energy sector. Agricultural sector has made tremendous progress during the present government has introduced high-tech technology in the field of agriculture to enhance economic growth. CPEC will also help the agriculture sector to boost the national economy.