White Oil Pipeline Project GO and PAPCO signed Agreement

A white oil pipeline multi-grade project has been signed between Gas & Oil Pakistan Ltd. (GO) and Pak Arab Pipeline Company (PAPCO). The signing ceremony of white oil pipeline multi-grade project was joined by Khalid Riaz, CEO GO, Amr Ahmed, CEO PAPCO, Zeeshan Tayyeb, COO GO, Ali Akber Khaleel, GM Operations GO, Adil Aziz Khan, GM Pipeline Operations PAPCO and other senior management of both organizations. Since, GO is the fastest growing marketing company with the largest network in the private sector with a continuous history of forging ambitious plans, this agreement will turn out a game changer at many domains. From the past achievements, it can be concluded that this project will now enable transport of petrol in addition to diesel through the White Oil Pipeline.  Once it’s operational, all upcountry movement of petrol and diesel will be through the pipeline. This will not only minimize the transportations costs but will also improve road safety for the general public. This will cast a positive impact on the environment by reducing pollution, traffic and carbon footprint. Being the Pakistan’s fastest growing OMC, GO’s core foundation is built on serving the needs of customers in every corner of Pakistan. This determined company is also taking abreast steps to invest in new products for o customers that include EV chargers to have a sustainable business and reduce the carbon footprint of operations by rapidly deploying solar energy solutions.