“High Impact Skills Boot Camp”, Govt to train 10,000 IT professionals.

It has been pointed out in many reports that most universities have been unable to timely update curriculum or mobilize resources to cope up with rapid demand of certain critical new technologies like Cloud Computing, Data Sciences including Artificial Intelligence. In view of the current situation the Federal government has decided to initiate a project titled “High Impact Skills Boot Camp” at the cost of Rs338.522 million. This project aims to train and create skilled manpower in these technologies.
Under this project the government will train at least 10,000 Information Technology (IT) professionals in 12 to 15 emerging technologies to resolve the shortage of skilled human resources in these technologies. According to scope of the project, it has immense direct and indirect economic benefits.
A delegation of distinguished and successful entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley was invited by President Dr Arif AIvi some time back to ask for suggestions and concrete recommendations for scaling up government’s efforts to uplift knowledge in the country. Benefits of such skills development will result in export of high value services required by demanding markets like USA.

It is mentioned in the PC-I that three universities in Karachi will undertake the pilot project in which first batch of 200 students would be trained while similar batches will be rolled out in Lahore, Islamabad and other cities after this pilot project.