Haseen Habib Corporation offering Fire Trucks on rental basis

Haseen Habib Corporation (Pvt.) Limited has taken a one of a kind initiative in Pakistan by offering the unique service of providing fire truck on rental basis for short and long duration. The company is offering fire trucks with or without operations staff as required by the clients.

This can be a highly effective initiative as it makes it convenient for everyone to have a fire safety truck available whenever required without investing a huge amount of money. In case the fire truck is being manufactured and the company needs some alternative to keep the site safe during that time period, they can avail this service from Haseen Habib Corporation. The service can be beneficial in many different scenarios for example

If your fire truck is out of service due to scheduled maintenance or any kind of accident of if you only need a fire truck for a few days for example for an event. Moreover this service can also be used by group of industry owners who want to keep a fire truck on cost sharing basis for their industry.

This initiative by Haseen Habib Corporation will significantly help in increasing the fire safety in the country. Another benefit for using the service or rental fire trucks is that the company will provide the complete operational fire team to efficiently operate the fire truck and deal with any untoward incident. The periodic routine maintenance of the fire truck shall also be covered by Haseen Habib Corporation during the rental period.

Haseen Habib Corporation is a private limited company and a member of the Barry Group of Companies, specialising in manufacturing and trading of fire fighting, safety and security equipment, systems and services – maintaining a wide range. They are the pioneers in this field in Pakistan consisting of the most professionally trained team in the industry manufacturing the most meticulously designed products in the market.