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Haseen Habib Corporation awarded APAC Business Award

Haseen Habib Corporation (Pvt.) Ltd. has been awarded the APAC Award in the category of fire and safety for 2020. Haseen Habib Corporation has now become the first company in Pakistan to receive this award by APAC insider.
Mr. Aamir Ata Barry, CEO, Haseen Habib Corporation (Pvt.) Ltd while talking exclusively to Engineering Post revealed that a lengthy process spanning over 3 to 4 months is required to be nominated for the award. During that time the company is thoroughly assessed on a very strict evaluation criterion. “The companies are assessed on 5 different standards which include Standing of company, worth of the company, customer base, quality of product and the satisfaction of customers. The awards are distributed to all the winners in a grand ceremony usually in Singapore. But due to COVID-19, the ceremony couldn’t take place this year,” he said.
This international distinction is testimony to the high quality standards being maintained by the company in the manufacturing of fire fighting and fire safety equipment.
Haseen Habib Corporation is a private limited company and a member of the Barry Group of Companies, specialising in manufacturing and trading of fire fighting, safety and security equipment, systems and services – maintaining a wide range. They are the pioneers in this field in Pakistan consisting of the most professionally trained team in the industry manufacturing the most meticulously designed products in the market.
During the informal conversation with Engineering Post, Mr. Aamir Ata Barry divulged that their company is industriously working on an expansion programme to include a wider range of products under their umbrella, “Last year we established a consulting company “Apache Consulting”, which provide audit, trainings and design services in the field of Fire , safety, HVAC systems. It also provides Hazard and operability study (HAZOP),” he said. “By the end of this year we are planning to start a new company by the name of Stratford Controls which will focus on low voltage equipment. This company will also supply and install energy control lighting systems i.e. auto shut off while not in use” he added.
Haseen Habib Corporation will also establish a warehouse in UAE in 2021 which will mainly focus on exports to the African region as well as assisting in acquiring certification of equipment. While answering a question about export related problems in Pakistan he said “The biggest issue is that the engineering equipment needs to have certain approvals and certifications before it can be exported. In Pakistan the bodies granting international approvals are neither present nor willing to travel to Pakistan due to security issues. It costs about 6 times more to get certifications as compared to other countries for example India. So it is more convenient to establish a warehouse in UAE and obtain certifications as well as schedule inspections over there.”
This problem was also highlighted in front of the previous chairman of Board of Investment but to no avail. The exports engineering equipment can never flourish as long as it does not have the required international certifications. The dilemma was very skilfully explained by Mr Aamir Barry “It is not cloth we are exporting, it is sophisticated equipment designed and manufactured under controlled environment which needs to be up to a certain standard of quality to be accepted in the international market” he said.