Haier Pakistan Continuously improving Products Quality

Mr. Salman Saleem, Senior National Manager – Commercial A.C, Haier Pakistan

Haier is Pakistan’s leading brand of quality electrical and HVAC appliances for domestic and commercial use. The company not only specializes in Refrigerators, Washing Machines and domestic Air Conditioners but also offers a wide variety of high-end commercial air conditioning solutions with its state-of-the-art VRF and Oil Free Centrifugal chillers.

Engineering Post had a detailed discussion with Mr. Salman Saleem, Senior National Manager – Commercial Air Conditioning, Haier Pakistan. During the discussion, he revealed that Haier Pakistan is planning to introduce a newer version of domestic inverters for VRF consumers which will be lower in cost and is designed to service the southern region of the country. “Haier Pakistan is introducing a ‘Cool-only’ option in VRF which is specifically designed for the southern regions where excessive heating is not required even during winters. This cool only VRF will have a lower price tag as well,” he said.

Haier is already offering ‘Cool-only’ inverters for domestic consumers but the product is area specific for now and available for Karachi and other southern regions.

In order to further promote the sales of commercial air conditioners in the country, Haier Pakistan has set up a unique display center specifically for commercial air conditioners where the complete range of commercial AC’s being offered by Haier are on display “Haier Pakistan is the first company nationwide which has established a display center for Commercial Air-conditioning units. Our in-house design team is also available there so they can provide customized design solutions for the customers,” said Mr. Salman Saleem.

While commenting on the current ban on LCs imposed by the government to discourage imports, he said that immediately stopping all kinds of imports is doing more harm than good because it has halted all ongoing projects. Currently, there is no facility in Pakistan which can manufacture Commercial Air Conditioners completely. The facilities can be developed but it will take time. “Haier Pakistan is only importing compressors and PCB cards for its domestic ACs while the Fins, tubing, Evaporator, condenser and even the body molding is produced in Pakistan. With time the other products can also be produced here but it is not possible immediately and the government should provide timelines to manufacturers”, he said.

While speaking about the current economic condition in the county, Mr. Salman Saleem said that although the conditions have been difficult for the last quarters of 2022 but the company has still managed to achieve its targets. “The momentum which we had achieved in the first months of 2022 has enabled us to push till the year end. Another positive outcome for us has been the maintenance of stocks. Out stocks have been utilized to the maximum limit and we have been able to serve our customers to their satisfaction only because of stocks,” he said.

Haier Pakistan is one of the few companies which is offering the latest Oil free centrifugal chiller with magnetic bearing technology. This new technology has gained popularity among the consumers due to its efficiency and utility. “We had installed 750 TR of VRF at MG plant, the plant is now undergoing an expansion and we are installing two more 750 TR of VRF plants at the MG Plant. Similarly, in Islamabad, we have been awarded a project for 600 TR at Mall-35 and another 700 TR of VRF is being installed at China Gazuba apartments, located at Eighteen Housing Society near Motorway in Islamabad,” he revealed.