MyTech Engineering

The company with a futuristic mindset

 Mr.Munawar Hasan, CEO MyTech Engineering

MyTech Engineering Company (Pvt.) Ltd has been one of the best MEP services providers in the market for a long time. The company is in the business of dealing with Fire protection, Air Conditioning & RO Plants and all aspects of Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) projects solutions for safety. The company has been the crown bearer of offering high quality products to all its clients and has been working with some of the best brands on the globe for that endeavor.

Basically the company provides systems and solutions for life and business safety; protecting lives, process machinery/equipment, valuable assets, data centers and facilities all over the world. In this regard the company has the honor of being the first company in Pakistan to introduce American technology and American standard firefighting equipment in the country.

Engineering Post had an exclusive conversation with Mr.Munawar Hasan, CEO MyTech Engineering regarding the current situation of businesses in Pakistan. During the conversation he revealed that the company had diversifier its portfolio adding new products so that the customer can get everything required on a single platform. “We are not just limited to Firefighting or HVAC now. We provide Networking and CCTV installation as well as room integrity systems. MyTech also has expertise in Welding fabrication and PE piping. Our goal is to be a one window operation where a customer can be provided with everything under a single roof,” he said.

Due to the high quality of work undertaken by MyTech the company has been engaged in prestigious projects all across the country. MyTech has provided its services to many projects of the Armed forces as well. In the private sector MyTech Engineering has worked with, Sindh Secretariat Finance Department Data Centre project, Younus Wind Plant, Dolmen mall Karachi GETZ Pharma and many other notable names.

The current ban on imports imposed by the incumbent government has affected many businesses across the country. The ban on all products without classification, according to importance of products, has been a pronounced pain point of business across Pakistan. It has affected many ongoing projects as well as new upcoming projects in the country. While commenting on how MyTech is coping with the import ban Mr.Munawar Hasan said “The situation has been difficult but MyTech has been surviving because of the spare stocks we had at hand before the ban. But it is now high time that the administration thinks about lifting the ban. Another important factor that needs to be looked into is the establishment of standardization labs in Pakistan so that the locally manufactured products can be standardized and used as substitute for imported products,” he said

MyTech is one of the few companies involved in working outside of Pakistan as well. The company has successfully completed a project in Kandhar and is looking for more international exposure as well. This can be extremely beneficial for the country as a whole because this can generate foreign income for Pakistan. While commenting on it Mr.Munawar Hasan said “We are actively engaging with multinational companies to increase international exposure of the company and to create a stronger footing in the international market. Our succesfull completion in Kandhar has been a confidence boost for the company and we are searching for more international work in Dubai and other international markets.”