Electric Gears Corporation (Pvt) Ltd. to revolutionize polymer, chemical and electrical switchgear industry in Pakistan

Mr. Kashif Aslam, CEO, Electric Gear Corporation talks to Engineering PostElectric Gears Corporation (EGC) idea was brought on paper in 2015 by Mr. Kashif Aslam and Mr. Aamir Iqbal, Observing the utility companies in Pakistan struggling with steel products on costal belt due to rusting. A business case proposal to shift from steel to ‘Fiberglass” was put forward to K-Electric. After a complete feasible report and cost analysis KE took first initiative to run a pilot project with outdoor type panels and gave us an educational order.

Engineering Post had an exclusive conversation with Mr. Kashif Aslam, CEO, Electric Gear Corporation. He highlighted that after extensive R&D it took one year for the prototype development, and we gave sample to KE for the first field trial which was first step towards success. During all testing and product(s) trial period, the company legalization process also got initiated and Electric Gears Corporation was registered as a Partnership firm in March 2019. Moreover, with our business expansion Electric Gears Corporation transformed from Partnership firm to SECP registered Private Limited firm and was renamed as “Electric Gears Corporation (Pvt.) Ltd.”, he added.

Mr. Kashif Aslam informed that the core ideology and vision of Electric Gears was built on the pain points of customers on the two coastal belt of Pakistan. In coastal areas, air contains high percentage of moisture. Electro-Mechanical products also called Electrical Panels were built on steel housing, the rusting of iron occurred when it comes in contact with moist air. Further, steel carries current even when it is earthed so human safety issues are always there.

Mr. Kashif Aslam informed that their business ethics are relevant both to the conduct of the individuals and to the conduct of the organization as a whole. We strictly follow Honesty, Integrity, Trustworthiness, and Responsibility.
Starting from 01 fiberglass product to around 20 pre-qualified products in a utility company in 3 years explains the success of our company. Our teamwork and all Client satisfaction towards the product.

Replying to a question regarding quality policy, Mr. Kashif said that because of our zero-tolerance policy on quality maintenance, our customers are fully satisfied with our services.

We take following measures to ensure our customer services;

  • No compromise on Quality control
  • All internal electrical testing pre-requisite are achieved 
  • Commitment on timely delivery
  • After-sales services

Unveiling his future plans Mr. Kashif said that their future vision is to revolutionize polymer, chemical and electrical switchgear industry in Pakistan. We have planned to make fiberglass made up to 100kV insulated Tabular poles, Service brackets, Rods and Pipes. We have planned to enter a new market of Transformers manufacturing.

Replying to a question related to diversification, Mr. Kashif informed “We have already planned to expand our business with production of fiberglass enclosures on machineries. While we have planned to produce fiberglass pipes, rods, poles which is our related diversification.”

When asked for a message to the young entrepreneurs Mr. Kashif Aslam said, “My message to young entrepreneurs is to always work with full commitment, integrity, honesty and always soak up knowledge from smart people and from your own your mistakes. I am quoting Mark Zuckerberg quote below which helped me a lot in going forward in my business.

“If you do the things that are easier first, then you can actually make a lot of progress.”

One quote which is very close to me is

“Powerful people don’t come from powerful places. Powerful people make places powerful.”