Euro-5 fuel arrives in Pakistan

The first batch of Euro 5 standard fuel has arrived in Pakistan according to the state-run oil marketing giant Pakistan State Oil (PSO). According to an announcement by PSO “…PSO has set the benchmark yet again and brought in the nation’s first shipment of Euro 5 standard Hi-Octane fuel in Pakistan.”

The first weeks of August saw Hi-octane fuel being sold on very nominal rates (105-110 Rs/L) at PSO fuel stations as the company decided to clear its inventory to make space for the newer spec Euro 5 fuel. A manager at a PSO station in Rawalpindi while talking to Engineering Post said “Our daily consumption of high octane was 200-300 liters which has risen to 2500-3000 Liters due to the price decrease. The company is clearing its inventory of older high octane fuel for Euro 5”

All further imports of fuel will conform to the Euro V standards. After the third quarter of 2020 import of petrol below Euro-V specifications may not even be allowed to any oil marketing company (OMC).