Efficient Use of Natural Energy Resources

Mr. Abdul Wahab, CEO – Green Build Concepts

Mr. Abdul Wahab (CEO – Green Build Concepts) believes in direct utilization of natural energy resources, instead of conventional practices of converting it to various forms of energy before the final use. Those conventional practices have a trade-off that involves sophisticated and expensive equipment, which not only results in energy losses during conversion but also has a high cost of ownership. Mr Wahab’s vision is to use the natural resources at the first place by integration of Green building materials and equipment. Such solutions intelligently allows direct intake of natural daylight in the building and eliminates the need for electrical lights during the day time. Similarly, direct utilization of wind energy for natural ventilation reduces overall building energy consumption by eliminating electrically powered exhaust fans in the building. This will significantly help the industry to reduce overall building’s energy consumption hence resulting in minimizing Carbon footprint.


In retrospect, the foundation of Green Build Concepts took place in a belief of building a Greener Pakistan. In addition to the supply of Green Building Materials, Green Build Concepts has skilled professional expertise to provide Daylighting design consultancy and Green Building Certification consultancy. Recently, Green Build Concepts has joined hands with Kingspan Light + Air to promote energy saving solutions in Pakistan market.


This is how Export Director of Kingspan Light + Air shares his vision, ‘’As one of the main global players in the market for daylighting, natural ventilation and smoke safety solutions, we as Kingspan Light + Air want to contribute in creating a healthy internal building environment by means of the supply of quality daylight and fresh air. Our entire portfolio is supporting this approach. In order to optimize the performance, we position and design these products in the overall project design, using sophisticated software substantiating our custom-made project design. The Pakistan climate with big ambient temperature variances is perfectly suitable for our designs with daylight control and natural ventilation.


In Pakistan we will be represented by Green Build Concepts as our business partner. In this new partnership we will for sure be able to contribute substantially to make Pakistan Greener with our solutions, making use of the benefits of nature to create a healthy internal building environment” – (Mr. Roland Verhees)


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