Diamer Bhasha dam to be completed by 2026, 3 years earlier

Prime Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Shareef spoke at a briefing in Diamer earlier and requested the work on the dam project to be accelerated. The project was started by Prime Minister Nawaz Shareef in 2016 and was said to be completed by 2029. According to the current deadline the project is said to be completed by the end of 2026.

He said that the project possesses extreme importance as it is a 4500MW mega project and it should be completed as soon as possible as it will prove to be extremely beneficial for the country’s economy and power demand. It will be helpful in domestic as well as Industrial power consumption and will also be boosting agricultural activities.

The prime minister acknowledged the fact that the project is a huge task to be done under such short notice but it will provide miraculous results once it’s completed. He also reached out to the federal government to provide all the support necessary for the project. Encouragement of international investors was also announced.

Prime Minister Shehbaz Shareef said that what happened to the power sector of this country in the last four years was unjust. He also said that the dam will help in improving the water storage capacity of the country and it will be providing irrigation to 1.25 million acres of land, resulting in extremely positive results in the agriculture sector.

A 13km long tunnel is also under consideration for construction to assist the flow of traffic at the Babusar top. He also insisted on improving the health facilities in the area and ordered a report for the construction of a well equipped hospital to facilitate the health related needs of the people living in the area.