Pak-Chinese tyre manufacturing JV becomes operational

The joint venture of China’s Chaoyang Longmarch Tyre Co. Ltd. and Pakistan’s Service Industries Ltd has become operational which makes it the first plant in Pakistan with the ability to manufacture all steel radial tyres for trucks and buses. Service Industries Limited has a 51 percent share in this JV. Chaoyang LongMarch owns 44 percent and Myco Co owns 5 percent.

The tyres are being manufactured by the brand name SLM Tyres (Service Long March Tyres Ltd). The new brand has the quality standards that will compete with the best in the world. The tyres are being manufactured at a state of the art facility situated on 50 acres in Nooriabad, Sindh.

According to sources the total cost of the project is Rs16.43 billion and by 2026 the plant will be able to produce 2.4 Million tyres annually. The joint venture plans to export at least 85% of its tyre output.

Keeping in view the environmental factoe as well SLM Tyres also plans to carry out whole tyre life cycle environmental management in the aspects of raw material selection, technical formulation, production organization, sales, and product recovery and so on, so as to better improve production efficiency and reduce carbon emissions and produce “Green tyres” in Pakistan.