Increased LSMI yearly output stated by PBS

Pakistan bureau of statistics (PBS) released the data for trade of large scale manufacturing industries (LSMI) according to which, the output has increased by 7.8 percent in the July -February 2021-22 span as compared to the same time last year.

An 8.4 Percent increase was seen for February 2022 as compared to February 2021 but the output showed a decline by 2.3 percent in January 2022 as compared to January 2021 with base year 2005-6. Applying the base year 2015-16, the output increased by 8.6 percent in February and 0.3 percent in January 2022.

A negative growth of 5.8 percent was seen in the ministry of industries related sector in February 2022 as compared to the data in January 2022, but if year on year data was compared, a positive growth of 10.1 percent was observed.

The departments in which increased production was seen in July-February 2021-22 include machinery and equipment, chemicals, iron and steel products, automobiles and furniture, wood products, paper and board, coke and petroleum products, non-metallic mineral products, food, tobacco, textile, wearing apparel,   while it decreased in pharmaceuticals, rubber products, fabricated metal and electrical equipment.

Textile industry increased by 2.9 percent, wood products 174 percent, paper and board eight percent, coke and petroleum products 1.2 percent, chemical products 16.3 percent, fertilizers 1.6 percent, machinery and equipment 12.4 percent, food 3.3 percent, beverages 1.7 percent, tobacco 19.6 percent, wearing apparel 20.6 percent, chemicals 7.1 percent, automobiles 59.8 percent, iron and steel products 17.3 percent, leather products 3.1 percent, furniture 345.2 percent and other manufacturing (football) 33.9 percent during July-February 2021-22 compared to the same period of 2020-21.

The sectors with declining output for the above mentioned span include rubber products 22.7 percent, pharmaceuticals 2.3 percent, fabricated metal 7.1 percent, electric equipment 1.1 percent and transport equipment 1.9 percent.