COVID’19 troubled cement industry in April

Statics of April 2020 have shown a clear decline in Cement dispatch by 23.65 percent from 4.61 million ton to 3.52 million tons. Due to COVID’19, both international and domestic markets are crashed creating a devastating condition. The new statement issued by All Pakistan Cement Manufacturers Association (APCAM) has clearly stated the struggling situation of extremely high input costs that has hit badly due to lockdown.  This decline in consumption has been noticed in both north and south zones of country. In comparison with statics, the fall in April 2019 was from 4.037 to 3.21. But this year, the first instant decline is from 574,026 tons to 249,127 depicting a decrease of 56.6 percent. The total dispatches crawled up by 3.45 per cent to 40.55 million tons in the first ten months of this fiscal as compared to 39.20 million tons during the same period last year, mainly on the strength of better performance in pre-plague months. This situation is more critical for mills in northern region as the exports in April 2020 was negligible in last year. Stats show that the dispatches from north in 2019 were increased by 8.96 per cent to 28.941 million tons during July19-Apr 20 from 26.561 million tons in July18-Apr19 whereas the mills in south has recorded a substantial fall in local dispatches, down 29.11 percent from 6.936 million tons in the first 10 months of the last fiscal to 4.917 million tons this fiscal. Due to COVID’19, this decline in construction has contributed to a downfall in cement demand.