Copper Sector has lot more untapped potential

About four years back exports of copper from Pakistan were of only 106 million dollars, however, in the year 2021; copper exports to China have risen to 600 million dollars.  By introducing contemporary technology and techniques, Pakistan can enhance trade of copper to China. Currently, China imports around 51% of copper from various countries which includes Pakistan. Wang Zihai, President Pakistan China Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCJCCI) spoke about this during a think tank session held at PCJCCI Secretariat. He said that the export of copper and other copper-related products from the country can help to boost local industry. Since the mining and processing of copper requires a high-end technology and the expertise of Chinese copper processing companies like MCC have played a very vital role to develop the Saindak copper mines from the year 1995 onwards. The Saindak Copper Gold Project is designed to produce and process 12,800 tons of copper ores per day (4.25 million tons per year); currently, the output of copper blister is about 13,000 tons annually. Ehsan Choudhry, Senior Vice President PCJCCI spoke about the current rise in exports, that is seen through the largest copper reserves of Pakistan “Reko Diq project” which is now functional and will prove to be a game changer for Pakistan. If the agreement goes smoothly then one of the biggest players in the copper industry of China, Metallurgical Corporation of China (MCC) that is mining in Saindak mines expects to take the export to $10 billion per year.