Construction of 104 family suites in Parliament lodges

CDA has been directed to expedite project for the construction of 104 family suites inside parliament lodges for the families of Senators.

The Senate House Committee house committee has been told that the consultant for construction work of the suites will be appointed by the first week of August 2020.

The CDA was asked to share details of project work with the Planning Commission so that compliance to the plan can be insured and the funds can be released through the proper process. According to sources the Committee has asked for Rs2 billion from the Finance ministry for the construction of 104 new family suites in parliament lodges under the Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) for the fiscal year 2020-21.

 The Committee also discussed the compliance to previous recommendations by the Committee.

Matters of release of budget for lodges, which are in extremely bad condition, were also discussed. A CDA official had previously told the Committee that they will require Rs400 million for the renovation of 82 lodges, Rs150 million for the seven lifts installed in the lodges, besides another Rs49 million for a fire alarm system.