China to cooperate with Pakistan over green development

China is anticipating to sign a contract of three years with Pakistan regarding investment cooperation for green development in the country. The MoU will be written down by the ministry of commerce China which is currently fulfilling a lot of developmental responsibilities in China. This MoU would be written keeping in sights, the developmental needs of both the countries.

The MoU to be written, will include points which would prove beneficial for the development of both the countries with respect to the stimulation of growth drives on green development, production of clean eco- friendly energy and developmental advances in green economy.

Both the involved parties are supposed to promote green energy by persuading local businesses, industrial units and financial and commercial institutions to arrange awareness and investment platforms for the growth and escalation of green energy production and eco-friendly developmental projects. They are to broaden the network of industrial and business market of both the countries to promote an overall increase in the green development. The focal points of the MoU will also include production of renewable sources of energy including wind power, nuclear, hydrogen and biomass energy.

The MoU would also include that the parties would inspire the businesses to completely follow the environmental obligations and work for the development keeping in view the requirements of the UN convention on climate change and biodiversity and the carbon neutral commitment targets. The involved parties will show determination towards a boost in the green transformation and technology. Research setups are also to be established for the technological innovations and developmental platforms which will in turn prove extremely helpful in the overall speedy inclination towards a green Pakistan.

Complete authority shall be given to the leading businesses and investment groups in these regards under the procedures of China-Pakistan joint commission on economic and trade cooperation to make sure the proper evolution of green technology and construction of an efficient and beneficial way forward in the progress of this project.