Experts predicted Severe effects of climate change

A webinar was organized by the Centre for Strategic Perspectives (CSP), Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad (ISSI) titled “Strategies for Mitigating Impacts of Climate Crisis”.

Mr. Ali Taukeer Sheikh, the climate change and water expert was the keynote speaker of the webinar. He made aware that the climatic changes taking place in the environment are about to bear extremely unwell results in major agricultural and environmental sectors in Pakistan. These include reduced agricultural productivity, unstability in water availability, increment in the erosions in coastal areas and increased instants of extreme climatic alterations in Pakistan.

Javed Jabbar, an intellectual and a scholar, said that there will be an unstable frequency of rainfalls per year due to which, our farmers won’t be able to precisely predict the chances of raining and this might end up destroying major crops including wheat, rice and maize.

Abid Qayyum Sulehri, the executive director of sustainable development policy institute, added that global warming might result in lesser economic growth and increased poverty in the rural settlements of Pakistan. He also said that the government of Pakistan should take proper precautions towards the upcoming hazards of these changes and take major steps to minimize the losses as much as possible.

Pakistan is included in the top ten countries with most people affected by annual floods every year. The rising sea levels will also increase the amount of floods per year and this will not only affect the people living in the coastal and flood risky areas but also it will have a major negative impact on the country’s economic system. There is a dire need for the authorities and the government to take serious action in this regard and try their best to minimize the risks. International cooperation and public awareness may contribute a great deal to the upcoming challenges about to be faced by the country.