Gas reservoirs found in Kohlu district, Balochistan

Major natural gas reservoirs, discovered by the Oil and Gas Development Company Limited, during the drilling in Kohlu district balochistan.

Being the chief operator of Jandhran West exploration license with 100 percent interest, the company shared the notification with the Pakistan stock exchange and stated that the discovery was made over Mughalkot formation from its efforts in discovery of natural gas at Jandhran West X-1 well.

The well was drilled down to 1627 meters in parh formation when the gas reservoirs were discovered. The drill stem test has also been performed in the Mughalkot formation based on the fair gas shows during the exploration and the log data interpretations.

The flow rate of the well was 2.391 million standard cubic feet per Day (MMSCFD) with traces of condensate at WellHead Flowing Pressure (WHFP) of 455 Pounds per Square Inch (PSI) at 32/64” choke size. Due to the aggressive approach of the company towards the work in Mughalkot formation, large hydrocrbon reserves have been found over Jandhran West X which will result in a major addition in the hydrocarbon base of the OGDCL and of Pakistan.