Cement sector showed growth in December 2020

The new statistics published by the cement sector depicts a growth of 11.18 percent in December 2020. In comparison to the previous year, the total cement despatches during December 2020 were registered at 4.788 million tons against 4.306 million tons. The local cement despatches in the month of December 2020 has increased to 4.154 million tons as compared to 3.536 million tons in December 2019, demonstrating an increase of 17.47 percent. Specifically, in the north region, local cement despatches increased by 16.21 percent to 20.228 million tons from July to December 2020 while in the south region, domestic cement despatches increased by 13.97 percent to 3.381 million tons from July to December 2020. However, the exports have dropped from 769,986 tons in December 2019 to 633,431 tons in December 2020. The cause for a decrease in exports is due to heavy cramming at ports while the priority docking is given domestic products. This is causing a great loss of exports of cement and clinker from Pakistan. The cement industry needs equal choral field and government should pay positive response towards this sector as this plays a catastrophic role in economic developments of Pakistan.