Another feather in the cap


Secco Pak helps to set up Emergency Response Centre at Islamabad in record time

Secco Pak (Pvt) Ltd deals in pre-Fabricated and Pre-Engineered buildings, security cabins, Unique type/designs of doors specially locally manufactured certified Fire Doors.

The company made ripples of awe and wonder in the market with its recent project with Riz Consulting at Health complex Chak Shahzad Islamabad.

Secco Pak was entrusted with the responsibility of setting up its signature pre-engineered rooftop structure on a huge covered area of 4000 sqft on the 3rd floor of Health Complex Islamabad. The project was of Riz consulting for the establishment of their Emergency Response Centre in Islamabad. The client needs completion of this project in minimum possible time. Secco Pak accepted the venture as a challenge and proceeded accordingly.

The whole process from acquiring the right materials for fitting and installation of 4000 sqft covered area was completed in an unbelievable 7 days. Mr. Ahmed Ali Arif Manager Sales at Secco Pak while talking to Engineering Post said “This process normally takes 20-25 days from order till completion. But in this case the client gives us task that the supply and installation must be done in the shortest possible time so we made special provisions and Alhamdulillah we got success and completed this in historic time.” For events like these Secco Pak stores a large stock of accessories which gives them the ability of completing projects on time without compromising the quality of end product.

An added advantage of Secco Pak’s pre-engineered roof top structure is that these are Portable, no need to get drawing’s approval from regulating bodies like LDA, CDA etc. Their light weight but strong structure and exceptionally quick erection time makes them ideal for use in new establishing setups.