AMCON introduced VTS air handling Units in Pakistan

Mr Ammad Monus announces collaboration with VTS through Engineering Post

AMCON Group of Companies stands tall as a leading authority in Pakistan’s HVAC and Fire Fighting sectors. This distinctive fusion of expertise uniquely positions them to execute successful Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) projects across the nation. An outstanding facet of AMCON is their role as the official distributor of TCL’s commercial air conditioners in Pakistan. Recently, AMCON made a significant development by collaborating with VTS Group, a renowned Polish company known for its high-quality air handling units (AHUs) manufactured according to European standards. This collaboration will bring VTS Group’s AHUs to Pakistan, offering customers a top-notch product and brand.

This was announced by Mr. Ammad Monus CEO & Founder AMCON Group of Companies during a recent conversation with Engineering Post “This collaboration introduces top-notch AHUs designed and manufactured on European standards to Pakistan. VTS Group one of the top AHU manufacturers in the world. Its European origin ensures that it is manufactured according to the highest standards, and has certifications from EU, ISO and many others. The brand has already received approval from notable organizations such as FnD, SMC and other bodies in Pakistan, which indicates that marketing the product will not be a challenging task,”

One of the best features of VTS is that the company spends extensively on its R&D which helps it in becoming the most state of the art product available in the market “According to an estimate more than 30% of the company’s profits are reinvested into its R&D. With extensive R&D investments, they maintain a cutting-edge in the industry.” he explained. AMCON’s partnership with VTS Group, known in America and India, signifies a substantial milestone. The AHUs, manufactured in Poland and the UAE, cater to diverse industrial needs, especially suited for pharmaceuticals, hospital-grade textiles, and a wide array of standard AHU requirements.

AMCON is in the unique position to combine two of the top companies for its product making it extremely reliable and efficient for the Pakistani market “In our pursuit of innovation, we introduce a unique combination—the DX system, uniting TCL’s outdoor units with VTS AHUs,” says Mr. Ammad Monus. “These high-quality products provide a blend of efficiency and affordability, ensuring optimal functionality.”

What sets VTS AHUs apart is their design—unlike conventional units, the VTS AHUs boast an accessible clipped structure, allowing easy access for maintenance, unlike the traditionally screwed systems. “Our aim is to provide efficient solutions that prioritize maintenance ease without compromising quality,” expresses Mr. Ammad Monus. To bolster VTS Group introduction to the Pakistani market, AMCON is actively preparing for the ASHRAE exhibition. “Our Business Development Manager, coming from the USA, will provide comprehensive insights at the expo,” Mr. Ammad Monus announced. “We’ve initiated marketing campaigns across social media platforms and are facilitating factory visits for esteemed consultants, affirming our commitment to promote VTS’s superior AHU technology.” AMCON’s proactive initiatives aim to revolutionize the HVAC landscape in Pakistan, bringing forth premium solutions and unparalleled quality, setting new benchmarks for the industry.