AG Tek (Pvt) Ltd Offering turnkey solutions through world class brands

Mr. Afzaal Malik talks to Engineering Post

Established as a rising force in the HVAC domain, AG Tek (Pvt) Ltd entered the scene in 2016, carving its niche in Pakistan’s industrial, commercial, and semi-commercial sectors. At the helm of this thriving venture stands Mr. Afzaal Malik, the visionary CEO, whose strategic acumen has been the linchpin behind the company’s soaring success.

AG Tek (Pvt) Ltd is the official distributor for Coolex, Grad and GCHV (Guangdong Carrier Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning Company) in Pakistan. With its reliable service and excellent product quality the company has cemented its name as one of the best HVAC solutions in the country. Engineering Post had the opportunity to have an exclusive conversation with Mr. Afzaal Malik, CEO AG Tek (Pvt) Ltd. During the conversation he said “Our collaboration with Coolex and GCHV empowers us to offer state-of-the-art HVAC solutions. These brands are renowned for their innovative products, aligning seamlessly with our commitment to deliver cutting-edge systems to our local market.”

To ensure consistent product quality and to stay ahead of the market standards, Coolex spends a massive amount of time and money on research and development of its products. With European certifications validating their quality and adherence, Coolex’s dedicated R&D labs work extensively on bringing improvements to their products making it reliable and efficient. Mr. Afzaal Malik highlighted this, saying, “Coolex’s relentless emphasis on R&D is truly noteworthy. Their innovative solutions adhere to rigorous international standards, ensuring our customers receive top-tier HVAC units.”

One of the special features of Coolex is its ability to work extremely well in very high ambient temperatures. Coolex HVAC systems are designed for tropical climates with the ability to work at up to 54 degree centigrade which makes the product very well suited for Pakistan. Speaking of Coolex’s exceptional efficiency, Mr. Afzaal Malik noted, “One striking aspect of Coolex units is their resilience in extreme temperatures, capable of withstanding up to 54 degrees Celsius. This remarkable efficiency has established Coolex as the preferred choice, not just in Pakistan but across the Middle East.”

Due to the strength of their product and a hardworking team AG Tek (Pvt) Ltd has been able to work on some of the most prestigious projects in the country including Hotel 1, Pentasquare, and a special energy project as well. Additionally, they have made their mark in the hospitality sector by undertaking a prestigious hotel project in Nathia Gali, with many projects in the pipeline as well.

Showcasing their expertise, AG Tek (Pvt) Ltd has also been involved in the installation of Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems in various showrooms. Mr. Afzaal Malik shares his satisfaction with the project execution, stating, “Our team’s dedication and technical prowess ensure that our projects run smoothly, meeting and exceeding client expectations. We take pride in delivering efficient solutions that enhance the comfort and productivity of our customers.” Working environment in Pakistan has been very difficult in the past couple of years, with fluctuating dollar prices halting many projects and rampant import restrictions imposed by the government. But even in these tough conditions AG Tek (Pvt) Ltd has thrived due to their foresight and excelling stock maintenance. This planning and intelligent maneuvering of conditions is one of the reasons why AG Tek (Pvt) Ltd has gained respect in the market in such a short time.