Event to focus on clean room industries including Hospitals and Pharmaceuticals HVACR Trends 2023 bound to be a remarkable success

Engr. Abbas Sajid, Chairman Organizing Committee ASHRAE Pakistan

The 3rd edition of HVACR Trends 2023 is not just another conference and exhibition; it’s a convergence of minds, ideas, and innovation. This year ASHRAAE’s meticulous focus on the Pharmaceutical, Hospital, and Cleanroom Industries for the event underscores the critical role these sectors play in shaping Pakistan’s industrial landscape. It’s an acknowledgment of their significance in ensuring healthcare advancements and maintaining industry standards.

During a recent exclusive conversation with Engineering Post, Engr. Abbas Sajid, Chairman Organizing Committee said that this year’s event is bound to be a monumental one with precise focus on clean room industries including Hospitals and Pharmaceuticals. Moreover the international conference, which is part of the HVACR Trends Expo is bound to perform as a platform for sharing knowledge “Our team has meticulously crafted an engaging platform. The blend of local insights and international perspectives promises a rich tapestry of knowledge exchange. Our speakers, drawn from across the globe, are experts in their fields, ready to share ground-breaking advancements, trends, and solutions,” he said.

The emphasis on collaborative exchange isn’t just restricted to the conference rooms; the Expo area offers an immersive experience. Here, attendees get hands-on exposure to cutting-edge technologies, products, and services. It’s a dynamic space for exhibitors to showcase their innovations and for participants to explore, interact, and forge partnerships. The Expo and Conference provide unparalleled networking opportunities. Attendees can engage in dedicated networking sessions, partake in enlightening panel discussions, and explore an exhibition area showcasing cutting-edge products and services.

To ensure maximum participation ASHRAE Pakistan has engaged different platforms to advertise the Expo which will ensure that relevant people become a part of the expo. “The event is being widely publicized on all print and social media platforms to attract all the relevant stakeholders,” said Mr. Abbas Sajid.

This event serves as a unique platform, uniting thought leaders, experts, and professionals from the Pharmaceutical, Food, and Healthcare industries. It’s designed to foster collaborative idea exchange and act as a bridge connecting suppliers, service providers, designers, and end users.

With changing market dynamics it has become unfeasible for companies to rely solely on the imported item which is why it has become very important to promote products made in Pakistan. During the conversation Abbas Sajid Chairman Organizing Committee explained that this year at HVACR trends the company’s manufacturing products locally will be provided with a special ‘Made in Pakistan’ platform. “Amidst these transformative times, this event aims to catalyze the promotion of ‘Made in Pakistan’ products and services. It’s an excellent opportunity to showcase the wide array of locally manufactured product lines. This platform is a testament to Pakistan’s potential in manufacturing. It’s an opportunity for local businesses to display their capabilities, quality, and ingenuity.

Join us in this transformative journey that promises to influence the future of the industry. Don’t miss this chance to be part of a visionary event. Mr. Abbas Sajid, Chairman of the Organizing Committee, invites you to join us and shape the future together.