Cosmix Engineering: Pioneering Sustainability and Excellence in HVACR Solutions

Established in 2007, now Cosmix Engineering a key player in the HVACR sector and is the sole distributor of AUX in Pakistan. The AUX VRF (Eurovent Certified) system has earned global recognition as the leading choice, manufactured in a Japanese robotic plant through precise Japanese research and development. AUX is dedicated to providing premium air conditioning solutions worldwide, placing a strong emphasis on energy efficiency and reliability. Our comprehensive range of solutions encompasses everything from equipment supply and installation to testing, commissioning, and after-sales services.

Over the years, Cosmix Engineering has built an extensive portfolio with successful projects, recently including major ventures, collaborations with almost all Pakistan’s large departmental store chain and major pharmaceutical companies. This strategic expansion aligns seamlessly with their mission to provide cutting-edge HVACR solutions that prioritize quality, energy efficiency, and reliability. Under the leadership of CEO Mr. Zeeshan Ashraf, the company remains dedicated to advancing the industry and meeting evolving client needs. Their recent focus on Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems, emphasizes a meticulous approach to copper pipe selection, addressing challenges related to leakages. We prioritize gauge consistency over brand preference for copper pipes. We are open to any brand, as long as the gauges and copper purity (99.9%) are consistent and in accordance with the standard type, such as the K type standards. We reinforced the copper pipe through 12 to 25 mm overlapping joints during brazing, enhancing overall strength and durability. Internal improvements were also made to effectively manage expansion and contraction over extended lengths, preventing potential cracks and damage.

Adopting practices during copper brazing, using acetylene gas, while passing dry nitrogen for zero carbon inside piping, has resulted in a remarkable leak-free record of even throughout the life and minimum up to 7 years, highlighting our stringent quality standards. Carbon inside the copper piping system may cause of clog and blockages, also damaged to EXV and compressors. Ensuring equipment durability and enhanced specifications is equally crucial. Shielding refrigerant-cooled inverter carts from environmental impacts and voltage fluctuations within a range of plus or minus 20% significantly extends their lifespan of PCB. Improving the encoding of the coating body is also vital for optimal life

Certifications from international quality certification agencies such as Eurovent, AHRI, or EUV Australia is essential to guarantee quality. AUX has secured certifications from these agencies, establishing itself as a trustworthy brand.  As a distributor of AUX, Cosmic Engineering provides comprehensive services without additional charges and offers an impressive warranty of 3 years for PCBs and 5 years for compressors.

In Pakistan’s HVACR industry, despite the potential for innovation, challenges arise from designs that do not align with international standards, largely due to high energy costs. Mr. Zeeshan Ashraf purposes government initiatives as a solution, envisioning the establishment of industrial parks near Gwadar, the provision of cost-effective land, extended long term leases to local industries, and offering special subsidies to HVACR manufacturers. Introducing regulatory duties and strict deadlines for manufacturers to meet global standards is seen as an important step in enhancing the industry’s competitiveness on the international stage. Cosmix Engineering emerges as a pioneer in the HVACR sector, prioritizing sustainability, innovation, and client satisfaction. Their dedicated focus on energy-efficient solutions, thorough attention to quality, and environmentally conscious practices position them as a leader in the industry. With an impressive portfolio and a commitment to exceeding standards, Cosmix Engineering, under the visionary leadership of Mr. Zeeshan Ashraf, not only addresses challenges but actively seeks to propel the entire HVACR industry towards global competitiveness. As they continue to champion excellence, navigate challenges, and advocate for government initiatives, the future holds promising advancements for both the company and Pakistan’s HVACR landscape.