A tribute to Late Mr. Abdul Mahomed Sheriff, CEO of Jubilee Corporation

A tribute to Late Mr. Abdul Mahomed Sheriff, CEO of Jubilee Corporation

By ZeeshanHaider, Managing Editor, Engineering Post

A visionary leader and very successful entrepreneur, Mr. Abdul Mahomed Sheriff, CEO of Jubilee Corporation, passed away peacefully on 10th September 2019. It is indeed a huge loss for the engineering community as a whole.

It is hard to find words to pay tribute to this truly charismatic and humble personality.

He was a mentor for many entrepreneurs including me. The most important part of Mr. Abdul Mohamed’s personality was his neverending motivation and positive attitude. “Zeeshan, you are really gaining the grounds in your field. Keep this up and no one will be able to stop you from touching the sky”. Seriously, his words completely transformed my life. These words have always resonated in my mind and helped me to overcome the impact of dark days in my life. His calm and passionate way of working was always a role model for me. His ability of running a large business successfully has always impressed me, and holding on to the ropes of positive thinking even in the darkest of times.  As it is said, “A successful man carries two things on his face, silence and smile” and yes, there was always a profound silence and beautiful smile on his face.

The advantage of being in this profession is to be in touch with many of the leading electrical players of the industry. Something which has always amazed me about Mr. Abdul Mahomed was that even his competitors used to deliver kind words while alluding him. At times, during my discussion with many of his competitors, I openly used to say that the best man in electrical industry business is Mr. Abdul Mahomed in Pakistan” and amazingly, nobody ever disagreed. This is the level of adherence to ethical and moral values I aspire to achieve.

Another strange experience of my life was the attitude of Jubilee Corporation Engineering team. As I am always in contact with hundreds of employees from different companies, it has always been observed that the sub-ordinates and workers are always unhappy with their management. But as far as Jubilee Corporation’s team is concerned, almost everyone has always praised their worthy management. I have even noticed that unlike other organizations, the employees of Jubilee Corporation own their work. They always behave as if the success of company is their success. This is the result of compassionate and cooperative way of dealing with employees under the supervision & management of Mr. Abdul Mahomed.

He was the pacesetter of his Company. He always emphasized on taking initiatives, delivering value, fulfilling commitments and supporting customers, the core values Jubilee Corporation has built its foundation on. He was passionate about bringing engineering advancements to the Country. Under his leadership, Jubilee Corporation emerged as a leader in switchgear, automation, instrumentation & control products and solutions. He also served as the Chairman of IEEE USA, Karachi section.

While spearheading Jubilee Corporation, the Company was founded by his father and elder brother, he led the development and implementation of overall Company’s strategy, headed market research and added new brands to the Company’s product portfolio, maintained healthy relationships with customers, and business stakeholders to mention a few. His commitment to the pursuit of excellence set the culture of continuous learning, support and teamwork in the Company.

Besides his outstanding professional achievements, his commitment and hard work for
social/community service will be remembered for generations to come.


While we mourn the profound loss of a compassionate mentor, his accomplishments in life and his contributions to the business community in Pakistan, will keep motivating industry and Jubilee Corporation to new heights.

He will be fondly remembered by all those whose lives he has touched.