A brief look at Non-Textile Exports

Engineering Post Report

Amid the global economic showdown, Pakistan’s experts of non-textile  products had  also decreased by around   23 percent  and earned only US $ 9101 million during the first 10 months of FY2023.

This declining trend in the export proceeds of the non-textile  sector continues since the start of the last financial year.

In the value added  leather sector, exports of  leather  garments  fell  by 8.4 percent, despite a rise in the exports of leader gloves by 2.3 percent  during the period under report  here indicating  that the manufacturers  of leader items were unable to meet the global  requirements and trends.

Furthermore, the export of cement had dropped massively  by 24 percent during July-April FY2023  compared to the corresponding  period of the previous year.

The export of Sports goods was down by 10 percent  in-spite of an increase  in the sale of footballs  by 20 percent,  as Pakistan   was the official  football supplier to the FIFA World  Cup held  in  Doha, Qatar , in November 2022. 

Exports of pharmaceutical products had also  declined  by 14 percent  during the first 10 months  of FY23 as compared to the corresponding period of FY22. 

Similarly,  the export  of carpets had also declined by 16 percent during the first 10 months of the last financial year.