A Look at Power Sector 

Engineering Post report

During the outgoing financial year 2023-24, an incremental capacity of 1728 MW is planned to be added to the  generation  mix, making the cumulative figure of 43318 MW This included  addition of 1068 MW from renewable energy, incorporating hydel  source also, by June 2024, when the overall  Generation mix  will comprise of 34.11 percent power generation from renewable resources ,including from hydel source, and 65.98 percent from from nuclear energy,.non-renewables ,including nuclear energy.

During the ongoing financial  year,  682 MW are being added to the national grid through Solar energy..

Followed by 660 MW through Coal (imported), 254 MW energy is to be added  through  hydel source,  100 MW through wind, and 32MW through Bagasse.

It is pertinent to mention here that  no additional energy being added to the national grid  through other sources including Coal (Local),Gas, Regasified- Liquefied Natural Gas(RLNG),Oil and Nuclear.

If all goes well, as planned and being worked then by end of June 2024,  the national grid of Pakistan  on the whole  will be 43318 MW  comprising  Hydel  soure 11114 MW, RLNG  8544 MW,  Oil 4906 MW, Nuclear 3635 MW , Gas  3536 MW, Coal (Local) 3300 MW, Wind 1935 MW, Solar 1332 MW, and  Begasse sources 396 MW.