Govt looking for investor for 600 MW Solar Power Project at Kot Addu

Engineering Post Report

The Federal Government is making hectic efforts to find an investor for the  600 MW  Solar Power Plant at Kot Addu. 

According to the reports, the Initial Request for Proposal has been floated five times since it was initially done in February 2023 till  December 2023.

This  will be the first  of its kind project  in the country, which as and when comes on the ground after a financer comes forth sooner or later ,as a   landmark  achievement in the acquisition of renewable energy through international competitive bidding. This was the major first  initiative  under the already approved  Framework Guidelines for Fast Track Solar PV Initiatives 2022.. Experts when contacted said that there ought to be some flaws in the offer such as the tariff which needs to be examined and revised by the  new federal government coming into power in the country  after the  February 8,2024 general elections. The Private Power and Infrastructure Board (PPIB) ,  the entity  entrusted with the  important responsibility  of overseeing the bidding for the project  should also do soul searching as to what is wrong with the initial request for proposal and set things right before making another attempt, after five failed attempts one after the other during 2023, the experts asserted.