Premier Engineering is the home of high quality electrical manufacturing

A conversation with Engr. Ansar Ahmad, CEO Premier Engineering Services The Pakistani market holds significant potential for electrical equipment due to several factors contributing to its growth and demand. For many years the market has relied extensively on imported products due to easy availability as well as lack of quality products available from local manufacturers. […]

Wiring the Future: Monitor Cables’ commitment to quality and innovation

A piece of conversation with Mr. Naveed Boghani, Director Monitor Cables Established in 2007, Monitor Cables has steadily emerged as a prominent player in the cable manufacturing industry, distinguished by its unwavering commitment to delivering superior quality products. With a discerning focus on customer satisfaction, the company has not only fortified its market presence but […]

E-MOBILITY x E-ROADS: Dynamic Wireless Charging of Electric Vehicles with Position Tolerance

By Haziq Ahmad, Final year student of Electrical Engineering at Sharif College of Engineering and Technology With depleting fuel sources, rising prices, and severe climatic conditions caused by vehicle carbon emissions are backing the widespread use of transportation electrification and causing the adoption of electric vehicles. Pertaining to this, the need for efficient and convenient […]

Car assemblers directed to increase their export activities

Report by Engineering Post The federal government has recently issued directions to three major Japanese car assemblers to increase their export activities. These included Indus Motor Company (Toyota), Honda Atlas cars Pvt Ltd, and Pak Suzuki Motors Limited.These directions have been issued under the Auto Industry development and Export Policy 2021-26 which enforces a gradual […]

Sustainable Technology Management: Environmental and Social Responsibility

Engr. Dr. Muhammad Nawaz Iqbal Prioritizing social and environmental responsibility in corporate operations and innovation is known as sustainable technology management. It entails incorporating sustainable practices into every facet of the creation, application, and administration of technology. This methodology acknowledges the interdependence of environmental, social, and economic systems and endeavors to devise resolutions that yield […]

Chinese condition for new loans to Pakistan for settlement of the energy projects

Engineering Post’s Report A number of projects were under implementation in the energy sector of Pakistan with Chinese companies’ investment under the overall framework of the great game changer China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) besides other sectors all over the country. According to the sources close to the Federal Finance Ministry, China has now conditioned the […]

Manufacturing Sector of Pakistan

Engineering Post’s Report Manufacturing holds a dominant position with Pakistan’s industrial sector, contributing 12.01 percent to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GD). Pakistan’s national accounts divides manufacturing sector into three main categories: Large Scale Manufacturing (LSM), Small Scale Manufacturing (SSM), and Slaughtering. LSM is comprised of businesses with ten or more employees and accounts for […]

5G on the Horizon: Pakistan’s Journey Towards Next-Generation Connectivity By Engr. Sheikh Muhammad Ibraheem

By Engr. Sheikh Muhammad Ibraheem Author Biography Sheikh Muhammad Ibraheem, a Pakistani electrical engineer and author, has gained worldwide acclaim for his bestseller “Embedded Systems for Engineers and Students.” Serving as a robotics professor at Punjab Colleges, Ibraheem’s credentials include a degree from The University of Lahore and numerous certificates from esteemed international universities, solidifying […]

Information Technology: Building a Digital Pakistan

Engineering Post’s Report Information and Communication Technology (ICT) lately has assumed a central enabling role in the emerging dynamics of a digital economy and consequently a knowledge society. Modernizing and harmonizing digital policies, improving digital infrastructure and reducing barriers to accessing new markets, making provisions for the creation of new opportunities that could produce high-value […]

Engineering Leadership: The Role of Interpersonal Communication Proficiency in a Mechanical Engineer’s Persona

By Zain Abbas, Mechanical Engineer Becoming technically proficient is not enough to be an effective leader in the engineering world, especially in the dynamic profession of mechanical engineering. Working well with a variety of teams, stakeholders, and clients requires good communication and collaboration skills. In an exploration of how these abilities support engineering leadership in […]