China and Pakistan reiterate their commitment and pledge to accelerate work on all CPEC projects

Engineering Post’s Report

In the wake of recent terrorist attacks mainly targeting CPEC projects under implementation in different sectors in various parts of Pakistan, iron brothers and time tested friends China and Pakistan at their highest levels have reiterated their commitment and pledge to continue accelerating work on all CPEC projects in all sectors and vowed to determinedly foil all attempts by hostile elements to harm the great game changer in any manner, Whatsoever.

Without going into more details in this regard which have and continue to be highlighted by the print media and TV channels, as the CPEC has entered its second phase, the CPEC performance in different sectors during the financial year 2022-23 is being briefly mentioned here for information and record of all concerned.

During financial year 2022-23 under report here, the following milestones were achieved in different sectors under the overall framework of CPEC.

The establishment of the “Guiding Principles for China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Cooperative Energy Projects” has brought transparency to the inclusion and exclusion of power sector projects in the CPEC list.

Furthermore, financial closure was achieved for significant projects like Kohala Hydropower and Shanghai Electric Thar Block-1 coal power projects.

In the infrastructure sector, the Eastbay Expressway in Gwadar was inaugurated, and groundbreaking ceremonies were held for the Sukkur -Hyderabad (M-6) section of the Motorway and the Dera Ismail Khan-Sagu section of N-50.

Gwadar witnessed the completion or near -completion of projects such as the Freshwater Supply Distribution System and the Pak-China Friendship Hospital while the operational dredging of the Gwadar Port channels was in progress during the period under report.

Special Economic Zones (SEZs) like Rashakai, Allama Iqbal, Nostan, and Dhabeji were receiving due priority by official agencies concerned.

During the last financial year, short listing of as many as 57 projects in various sectors for the third batch with the Chinese side consideration.