10,000 new electricity poles installed in Karachi

As part of the effort to replace the out-dated electricity poles in the city K-electric has installed ten thousand new electric poles in the metropolis.

The archaic transmission system was the foremost reason of power outages in the city as the old model of poles and transformers could not handle the load of electricity and ended up tripping of breaking down. The obsolete electric poles posed a serious threat to the citizens as well as they usually resulted in electrocutions during rain/ monsoon season due to improper grounding or malfunctioning.

Interestingly KE is facing massive resistance while performing this activity from influential groups with vested interests, who unlawfully use KE’s infrastructure.

As part of current drive KE has removed almost 800 poles in a single day. During one such effort when a pole was removed, KE’s local team found a concealed gun hidden inside. Local police officials were immediately informed by KE teams who took the gun in their custody.