With many more projects in the pipeline

Net-Line to provide 2.5MW Solar Power Plant to Arid Agriculture University by Engr.Uzair Zavary, Director, Netline (Pvt) Ltd talks exclusively to Engineering Post

Net-Line (PVT) Ltd is Pakistan’s leading Power Solutions Provide. The company is working on providing complete power solutions including UPS, Solar Systems, and Batteries, AVR’s-Stabilizers, Transformers and all other related products. The company also provides turnkey solutions for all electrical works of the project. With over 45 years of engineering experience the company is a #PowerExpert organization.

Recently Net-Line (PVT) Ltd has signed a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Pir Mehr Ali Shah Arid Agriculture University to set up a 2.5 MW grid-tied solar energy generation power plant at the rooftops of university’s main campus. While talking exclusively to Engineering Post about the project, Director Net-Line (PVT) Ltd Engr. Uzair Zavary revealed that $2.5 million project will be executed without obtaining any investment from the university or government. The university will only pay the decided per unit tariff agreed in the PPA for electricity consumed. “The PPA model is very well established in the world and on this project it will provide massive savings for the university in terms of power expenditures for the next 25 years.” said Engr. Uzair Zavary. Furthermore, excess electricity if generated by the company will be compensated/ adjusted by IESCO through the net metering facility. The repair and maintenance of the solar setup for 25 year will be the responsibility of the Netline PVT. Ltd. Net-Line (PVT) Ltd is working extensively with public and private sector all across Pakistan for solarisation projects in line with the renewable energy policy of Pakistan. Their achievements includes several hundreds MW’s of projects in the forecast and being prequalified for three power plants of 50 MW each “It is a joint venture of Gov’t of Balochistan. Alhamdullilah, we are prequalified now and moving towards commercial bidding for these projects,” revealed Engr. Uzair Zavary.

To ensure strict adherence to the highest quality standards Net-Line (PVT) Ltd is in collaboration with a Turkish company operating according to European quality specifications. To ensure the maximum utilisation of local materials the company is actively working on setting up a state of the art Solar Panel manufacturing facility in Pakistan. “There are more than 70 panel manufacturing plants in India while such facilities are essentially non-existent in Pakistan. We want to develop a manufacturing site in Pakistan where solar panels are made according to European standards”

Net-Line (PVT) Ltd is also working actively to bridge the gap between Industry and academia “We have experienced that fresh graduates that join us need to be trained for at least 6 months. To bridge this gap between industry and academia we are conducting training sessions and seminars in universities.”

Engr. Uzair Zavary raised a very interesting point during his exclusive interview with Engineering Post “As a country we are all focused on power generation but no one is talking about energy conservation which should have been our first priority. We at Net-Line (PVT) Ltd are working with Internet of Things (IOT) which utilises sensors working exchanging data with each other using our self-developed energy management software which can integrate with customers existing BMS or IBAS systems. In this way our customers can smartly monitor and control their usage of electricity,” The use of IOT has an added advantage that maintenance becomes very straight forward as the exact component which is malfunctioning can be directly identified.