Wind energy requiring specialized attention in Pakistan

According to estimates Pakistan has the potential to generate 120 GW of energy using Wind. Although the government has set targets for its Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) to install wind power plants having a combined capacity of 9.7 GW by 2030; that is 5 percent of the total planned national power-generation capacity at that time.

According to various studies the minimum forecasted amount of power generated through wind energy by 2030 is 50·6 GW which is 42 percent of the wind power generation potential.

But still there are no degree awarding institutes in Pakistan with the specialised laboratories or apparatus for research and development in the field of wind-power engineering.  Undependable grid connection capacity, poor manufacturing facilities and transport services also lack the required efficiency.

Another major issue is the the lack or absence of reliable wind speed data for the country which prevents realistic assessments of the wind-energy potentials for possible wind farm sites. A minimum 1 year period of wind measurements are required including wind speed preferably recorded at hub height, speed-frequency distribution etc ; with the associated degree of uncertainty typically ranging from 5–15% which we do  not have at the moment.