What made Jubilee Corporation grow even under restrictions of COVID-19

A candid discussion with Mr. Adnan Sheriff, Director-Technical Sales and Marketing, Jubilee Corporation

Jubilee Corporation, Pakistan, is a private engineering organization working in the market for over 60 years and working in multiple sectors. The company deals in stocking, sales and providing technical solutions and support in the domains of LV Switchgear, Dry Type Transformers and Busways Trunking Systems, Power Quality & Energy Management, Automation, Instrumentation & Controls and Pneumatics. By providing excellent customer service and vital technical expertise, the company sets itself apart as being one of the leading players in the market who never compromise on product quality and has the courage to think out of the box for its customers. The company has a rich history of bringing technical innovations in the market though out its 60 years journey. Some of these introductions include Moulded Case Circuit Breakers, Digital Air Circuit Breakers, Energy Meters, Electronic Over Current Relays and Three Phase MV/LV AVRs among many more.

Jubilee Corporation’s foundation was laid in 1962 by entrepreneurs Mr. Akber Noor Mahomed Sheriff and his father Noor Mahomed Sheriff with the vision to bring latest technology trends in the country. Mr. Noordin Sheriff, former electrical engineer at Siemens Pakistan, also brought his valuable technical knowledge and experience to the company founded by his father and elder brother.

Soon after its inception, Mr Abdul Mahomed Sheriff, the youngest brother of Mr. Akber Noor Mahomed also joined the company in the 70’s. His passion for engineering and his technical prowess benefited the company and overall engineering community of Pakistan. He was the one who suggested introducing the concept of High Rupturing Capacity fuses based on German Technology, in the market. Later, Mr. Alnoor Sheriff (MD-Jubilee Corporation) joined the company in the 90’s to further strengthen the family commitment to the company.  These visionary gentlemen anticipated the boom of textile sector in Pakistan at that time and the increase in demand for Low Voltage switchgear. The family received advance trainings from Terasaki, Japan and contributed in the technological advancements in the country.

Mr. Adnan Sheriff, Director-Technical Sales and Marketing, Jubilee Corporation, during a recent conversation with Engineering Post shared that the vision of the company’s founding fathers, their business acumen and technical knowledge made Jubilee Corporation one of the leading players in the market over the years. “We started only with Low voltage Switchgear and now have expanded towards developing a comprehensive solution package to provide a one window solution for our clients. We are working on 11kV sites and several Medium to Low Voltage projects all across Pakistan. Our goal is to further expand our portfolio so that all the needs of our customers are fulfilled from a single place.”  He further added that increasing the diversity of products and expertise in the company is one of the most important factors for adequate growth. The success of Jubilee Corporation shows how properly the company has adopted and evolved this strategy for expansion.

During the time of COVID-19 restrictions when the whole logistics system of the world was paralyzed and movement of equipment was expensive and time taking, many companies ended up being unable to fulfil their commitments to clients. Jubilee Corporation, on the other hand expertly managed to navigate out of that time successfully and even continued growing during the time. Mr. Adnan Sheriff while talking to Engineering Post explained how Jubilee Corporation managed to work during that time. “The seniors of Jubilee Corporation had set some standards and requirements regarding foreign partners and our stock levels. We were able to perform so well during the pandemic because our stocks were properly managed and we were not relying that much on logistics. Secondly, Jubilee Corporation took a principled decision not to let go of our workforce on humanitarian grounds. This was extremely beneficial for us as the demands grew and the requirement for workforce increased we had that top talent available at hand”.

Jubilee Corporation has partnerships with over 35 specialist manufacturers from around the globe including Japanese, Europeans, Korean, Turkish and others. All these partnerships have been executed keeping in mind that the vision and goal of both the companies are in alignment with each other so cooperation become seamless. The brands under the umbrella of Jubilee Corporation have been meticulously chosen to provide the best quality at affordable prices. While commenting on this, Mr. Adnan Sheriff said “Achieving maximum customer satisfaction has been our primary and major objective. We as a company work relentlessly to devise creative solutions for our customers which can bring ease of doing business for them including but not limited to providing technical and sales support both on-site and on call and meeting their stocking needs”.

Jubilee Corporation has a team of more than 40 engineers in its sales, marketing and technical support departments. The team facilitate customer queries, tailor customized technical solutions and serve as a helping hand for product queries and support for existing installed products. In this regard, the company is well known to come up with solutions for the customer queries which are designed exactly for that particular problem. This ability to design solutions reflects a high level of advance planning and equipment procurement on part of the higher management of the company. Mr. Adnan Sheriff while commenting on this said “We have realised that the adequate availability of stock in our warehouse is extremely important for us because stock represents solutions. While working on a problem for the client we design the solution for the problem from the ground up. Every aspect of the solution is designed to be best suited to the needs of the customer. To be able to do design and implement it from scratch, it is pivotal that we have proper stock level in our warehouse. Keeping this in mind, our stocking and branding strategy is very carefully designed and executed. That’s the reason why once a customer comes to us he never goes back,” he explained.

Jubilee Corporation has its presence all over Pakistan. During the conversation with Engineering Post while discussing the expansion plans of the company, Mr. Adnan Sheriff said “We had felt the need to have an office in Peshawar to cater the needs of market of the northern region. In this regard, we have finalised an office space in Peshawar where construction has alreadSy started”. Recently, that office has become functional and is the 4th Liaison office in addition to already existing Liaison offices at Islamabad, Faisalabad and Multan. Whereas, JC’s head office is located in Karachi and its Regional office is in Lahore.