Well Done BST Services

RLNG Pipeline project from Karachi to Jamshoro- A Big Achievement

BST services proved, Pakistan can do it

While the government of Pakistan is looking for the foreign especially Chinese contractors for the local projects, BST services proved that Pakistani contractors, if well-equipped and experienced, can set marvelous examples for doing the national level projects within and outside Pakistan. Construction of 42” dia 135.6 KM RLNG pipeline project from Karachi to Jamshoro is a wonderful example of the capabilities of the Pakistani contractors, if trusted by the government of Pakistan. After winning the project transparently by beating local and foreign firms, BST successfully completed the project in spite of the severe technical problems.  BST is the first Pakistani company completed this kind of Job for SSGC(Client) from Port Qasim to Jamshoro.

The toughest nature of the project including some hardest terrains was in fact a big challenge for the contractor. Still it has challenged the government’s policy of handing over projects to foreign contractors without trusting the local ones.

Engineering Post had a detailed discussion with Mr. Amir Hussain, Chief Executive Officer of BST services regarding this project.    Mr. Amir highlighted that the most difficult terrains of the project include Jhimpir, ran Pathani River and canal crossing, Super Highway, Indus Highway / RBOD Nullah HDD (Horizontal direction drilling) work carried out by the  Chinese Companies.

Mr. Amir told that out of 128 KM of the project, more than 70% area was consisted of hard rocks where an experienced and technically strong contractor was the need of the time. The project was full of challenges with local issues requiring full attention of the team all the time, he added.  Still it was the blessings of ALLAH SWT, WHO helped us and we were able to finish this national level project in accordance with client’s requirements and consultants instructions.

Total project is done by the local companies and is a wonderful example for the decision makers to understand that Pakistani contractors are not less the foreign companies in their technical strength. All they need is to be trusted.  It is appreciated that BST has saved a lot of foreign exchange as well as higher amount of Pak Rupees of SSGCL and the country.

BST services was registered as a private company in 1997 under the companies ordinance. It was also registered with Pakistan Engineering Council in 1998 and now listed as no limit contractor. The company is providing wide range of supply and services activities for the oil and gas sector mainly related to up and downstream activities.

Having a team of highly qualified professionals, BST is capable of accepting challenging projects in various engineering disciplines.

BST is well known for delivering engineering, procurement, construction and commission services for oil and gas sector and is also involved in arranging services for onshore drilling Rigs to clients based throughout Pakistan for the last two decades.

The company has undertook several large scale projects in the oil and gas sector including construction of oil, condensate and water storage steel reservoirs/tanks with its hydrostatic testing, pipeline for transmission system and relocation of gas processing plant.

The company always endeavors to achieve excellence in quality, safety, performance, employee satisfaction and social responsibility. It has consistently delivered projects providing value added engineering, construction, outsourcing solutions and client specific business services skills to the customers.