Webinar by Badar Expo and KPWS Consulting

Construction industry challenges and opportunities

Badar Expo solutions and KPWS consulting organised a webinar by the topic of “Construction industry challenges and opportunities” in the second week of September. Engr. Khalid Pervez CEO KPWS consulting hosted the webinar which was conducted on Zoom.

The panellists included renowned figures of the construction industry including Najeeb Haroon Member National Assembly, Mohsin Sheikhani CEO ABAD, Wasim Asghar President Association of Consulting Engineers Pakistan (ACEP), Muhammad Ejaz, Arif Habib group, Asif Haider Mirza CEO IQ FINCON Pvt. Ltd.

The webinar started with the recitation of The Holy Quran. After the recitation the host of the webinar Engr. Khalid Pervez gave a brief introduction of all the panellists attending the webinar.

During the webinar it came under discussion that the construction sector which has now been given the status of industry is worth around 1.3 Trillion rupees. The government, in a bid to promote construction in the country has provided incentives of more than Rs 30 Billion to the construction industry.

Engr Najeeb Haroon pointed out some very important requirement for the promotion of construction projects in the country i.e. construction specific development board and a construction specific Bank to provide loans according to the requirements of the construction industry. It was discussed that foreign companies are much more developed because they have handled mega projects in their countries. The building industry in Pakistan is still in its infancy and there is need to make a consortium with foreign industries.

Mohsin Sheikhani expressed optimism about the future of the construction industry saying it is going in the right direction and said that within the next 6 months the construction industry will have a meaningful impact in the GDP of the country from 2.7 to 3 percent.

The requirement for the establishment of engineering courts was also discussed in the webinar. These engineering specific courts would be able to regulate construction and builder related safety and security issues.