Wapda to add 10MAF water storage capacity by 2030

The water storage capacity has declined at an alarming rate in these past few years. According to an estimate the per capita water availability in Pakistan has gone down from 5260 cubic meter in 1951 to an alarming level of 908 cubic meters per annum due to rapid growth in population and depleting water storage capacity of the reservoirs because of the natural phenomenon of sedimentation. Pakistan can store only 10 percent of its annual river flows, whereas the average water storage capacity world over stands at 40 percent
To solve this problem Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority (Wapda) has been working industriously to improve water situation in order to avert looming water crisis in the country. Wapda plans to add two million acre feet (MAF) to water storage capacity up to 2025 in short term, another eight MAF up to 2030 in medium term and 28 MAF up to 2050 in long term with completion of its projects
According to the details, the water storage projects to be completed by 2025 under short term plan include Mohmand Dam, Nai Gaj Dam, Naulong Dam and Kurram Tangi Dam (Stage-I). Diamer Basha Dam, Kurram Tangi Dam (Sage-II), Chiniot Dam, Bara Dam and Hingol Dam are a few to be implemented by 2030 under medium term plan. Shyok Dam, Skardu Dam, Akhori Dam and Rohtas Dam are among the projects which are planned to be completed by 2050 under long term plan.