WAPDA securing loans for 15 development projects from 6 foreign sources

Engineering Post Report

Water and Power Development Authority (Power)  was securing loans for its 15 development projects  from six foreign sources during current financial year 2021.

According to the information available, it is scheduled to receive Rs 1012.000 million from France  for five projects which Rehabilitation of Mangla Hydropower Project, Warsak Hydropower Project-11, Dargai Hydropower Project, 34.5 MW Harpo Hydropower Project Skardu (co-financed by KFW) and Chitral Hydel Power Station Capacity Enhancement from 1 MW to 5 MW.

It is to receive Rs 3950.000 million for two projects including Dasu Hydropower Stage- 2160 MW and Tarbella Expansion H.P. Project  from International Development Association (IDA).

Furthermore, WAPDA  is to receive Rs 64.000 million from Saudi Arabia for Golan Gol HPP-Additional ; Rs 32 .000 million from OPEC for Golan Gol HP project; Rs 734.000 million from Germany for Establishment of Pakistan Glacier Network and Keyal Hydropower Project; Rs 201 from Kuwait for Golan Gol HPP.

These projects, for which process of foreign assistance is in progress during the projects implementation period, are listed in the Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) of the Federal Government for financial year 2021-22.