Strengthening of Industrial Linkages

Engineering Post Report

One of the major reason for non-performing Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) sector in Pakistan was the absence of strong industrial linkages.

In order to overcome this lingering deficiency, special emphasis has since been laid  on giving pivotal role to the industry and private sector in TVET sector development in the country.

For this purpose, three Sector Skill Councils have been established in the  construction, hospitality, renewable energy and textile sectors.

The concept of Institute Management Committees (IMCs) has been introduced  for the first time in Pakistan  at the TVET Institute level, thus giving greater representation to the private sector  in the management and training delivery at the TVET institute level.

Industry has been actively involved  in all aspects of training  such as curricula development,  final assessments, on-job training and selection of institutes.