Uzbek Trans Afghan Railway Project

A meeting was held by the president Dr. Arif Alvi with the president of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev on the topoc of the Uzbek Trans Afghan Railway Project. The president reassured Mr. Shavkat of the complete support and back from Pakistan. The meeting was held by the president during the 15th ECO Summit of the economic cooperation organization in Ashgabat.

This meeting was focused on all the categories regarding the project especially trade and finances and all the economic and connectivity agenda regarding the system. The President of Pakistan pointed how important it is to amplify the political ties of the area and increase the speed of economic and financial cooperation by keeping in view the Uzbekistan- Pakistan transit trade agreement. (UPTTA).

He also stated that it is pf utter importance for Afghanistan to immediately provide humanitarian and economic assistance to avoid or avert any economic collapse in the country. The de- freezing of Afghanistan’s financial assets is also considered to be of urgent importance in this regard.

Leaders of both the countries shook hands and agreed to work side by side for the project and made sure to construct the best bilateral relations and enhance cooperation in all respects in the region and international fora. The president Arif Alvi also stressed for the Uzbek leader to plan a visit to Pakistan as soon as possible.